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We produce the following range of Rubber products with superior quality. 

1) Windmills - complete rubber products 

Flexible coupling 

Rubber Suspension Rollers




2) Pressure Cooker Gasket 

Star Brand Pressure Cooker Gasket with ISI Certificate


3) Sleeves (Tubes) 

4) O Rings 

5) Seals/Dust Seal 


6) Beadings/Profiles

7) Expansion Joints 

8) Pads 


9) Cords 

10) Strips 

11) Diaphragms 

12) Bellows 

14) Washers


We use the following Raw Rubber based on the need of the products : 

1) Natural 

2) ChloroPrene / Neoprene 

3) Fluorocarbon / Viton 

4) Silicone 

5) Nitrile Rubber 

6) EPDM 

7) SBR 

8) Polyurethane 

9) Polyacrylic rubbers etc., 


We take utmost care in the manufacture of each and every single components to get total customer satisfaction. We strongly believe that a satisfied customer is a asset for the company.